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Oct 29

Building Bridges Conference - A Peek at the 2023 Banner Signing

Posted on October 29, 2023 at 11:32 AM by Cella Hyde

We had so much fun at the 2023 WACO Annual Conference, building bridges of friendship, camaraderie, and understanding with our peers, local government leaders, and industry specialists! We hope so many of you will join us again in Spokane County next year!

Here is just a little peek at some of the fun we got up to in September.

This year, thanks to the amazing WACO Annual Conference sponsor Randox Toxicology, WACO had a headshot photographer (Moore-Art Photography) onsite doing headshots for officials and attendees. After getting their updated headshot, officials got to participate in a super special signing of a 2023 WACO Annual Conference banner that was gifted to WACO's outgoing president, and the Thurston County Treasurer, Jeff Gadman. Here are just a few shots we captured of the banner being signed!

2023 WACO Banner Signing - 17

2023 WACO Banner Signing - 15
2023 WACO Banner Signing - 14
2023 WACO Banner Signing - 13
2023 WACO Banner Signing - 12
2023 WACO Banner Signing - 11
2023 WACO Banner Signing - 10
2023 WACO Banner Signing - 8
2023 WACO Banner Signing - 7
2023 WACO Banner Signing - 5
2023 WACO Banner Signing - 3
2023 WACO Banner Signing - 18

2023 WACO Banner Signing2023 WACO Banner Signing - 17


Huge thank you to 2023 WACO Annual Conference sponsor, Randox Toxicology for making the event's headshots possible!

Randox Toxicology LogoWith over 35 years’ experience in the diagnostic market, Randox Toxicology is dedicated to advancing forensic, clinical and workplace toxicology. Placing a heavy focus on new product R&D has led to the development of technology at the forefront of advanced global diagnostics. A market leader in the development of new assays and technology in the field of toxicology, Randox aims to minimise laboratory workflow constraints whilst maximising the scope of quality drug detection. With the world’s largest toxicology test menu, screening for over 600 drugs and drug metabolites, their range of versatile analysers provide toxicology solutions for both high and low throughput laboratories.