Legislative Advocacy

Sustainable Policies, Sustainable Counties

Counties provide constitutionally and statutorily directed state services to all of Washington’s residents. The Washington Association of County Officials (WACO) is working to secure clear and sustainable policies to provide all 39 counties with the foundation to provide sustainable service levels to every Washingtonian.

The 2020 Legislative Session

This year we were able see the passage of four 2020 WACO Priority Bills, and one hold over 2019 WACO Priority Bill. With the passage of these bills we have secured even year election funding, adding millions to counties’ general fund accounts; created hiring parity between County Sheriffs and municipal police departments; significantly increased corrections training, funding, and created for the first time training certification; fixed assessment calendar loopholes; and extended the same tax lien foreclosure system for "stick-built" homes to mobile homes.


  • HB 2858 - Assessment Rolls Filing (Assessors)
  • ESHB 2421 - Election Cost Reimbursement (Auditors)
  • HB 1750 - County Sheriff Vacancies (Sheriffs)
  • 2SHB 2499 - Correction Officer Certification (Sheriffs)
  • HB 2512 - Mobile Home Delinquent Taxes (Treasurers)

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