Legislative Committee


  • Jeff Gadman, Vice President, Thurston County Treasurer, Chair
  • John Snaza, Thurston County Sheriff
  • James Nagle, Walla Walla County Prosecutor
  • Josie Delvin, Benton County Clerk

  • Hayley Thompson, Skagit County Coroner 
  • Steven Drew, Thurston County Assessor
  • Skip Moore, Chelan County Auditor
  • Hayley Thompson, Skagit County Coroner
  • Jackie Brunson, Skagit County Treasurer
The Legislative Committee shall consist of the chair of the legislative committees of each of the affiliated groups. The WACO Vice-President is the Chair of the Legislative Committee. The President shall appoint a co-chair from among the membership of the Association to serve with the Vice-President.


In addition to other duties tasked by the President or Board of Trustees, the Legislative Committee is charged with the following duties:

  • Facilitating the development of the legislative proposals of the Association;
  • Reviewing legislation introduced affecting the Association, its membership, or the services provided by either;
  • Coordinating the legislative activities of the affiliated groups to avoid conflicting differences between affiliate groups of the Association;
  • Meeting regularly during the legislative session and as needed during other times of the year; and
  • Having the last committee meeting at the end of the legislative session without WACO staff present, to solicit feedback from the affiliate legislative chairs on whether or not WACO’s legislative services were equitably provided. Any identified issues would be reported to the Board with a recommended strategy to resolve the inequity.